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Green Social Networking For Good in 2012

Green Social Networking For Good in 2012

Many people now consider logging into Facebook as a normal routine, checking in at least once every day. But the last couple of years have shown a growth in social networks tailored to niche communities, like eco-friendly issues. Below are a few networks to take a look at if you’re interested in keeping up with the latest green causes.

The Care2 Network has over 17,000,000 worldwide members, so newcomers are bound to find a group or conversation thread to join matching their interests. The homepage features Care2′s latest petitions and actions, ranging from anti-fur campaigns to child trafficking. There are also daily eco-deals and frequently updated blog posts to keep informed. Members can earn credits for taking part in certain actions and connecting with other users. Definitely a prime information hub for all social causes, with an emphasis on saving the planet.

Carbon Rally is a great site for those hoping to decrease their footprint this year. Rallies are daily as well as are ongoing challenges that one can take part in either as an individual or a group. There are workshops to create your own challenges or sign up for existing ones. Keep track of your progress in-line with other users by using the Rally Map. The goal is to provide a fun and rewarding experience to impact energy consumption.

Change.org may be best known for its poignant and moving petition stream, where users can create a petition based on an issue they care about and use Change.org’s resources to spread the word to the masses. You can also browse hundreds of online petitions by subject area, from sustainability to women’s rights and help causes you care about gain more traction. Keep track of global progress by viewing Change.org’s map of signed petitions. To mobilize local support in your community, set up a meeting via Change.org’s platform as well.

Wiser Earth is an eco-focused network for sustainable organizations and individuals to find each other and share resources. Users can take advantage of a massive Job Board, solution sharing and view what those in your network are up to. By using mind-maps streaming from a list of ten interest areas, users can search and click on related interests and find information in that area. For example, by selecting interest in Urban Communication, I was led to many more subcategories including Green Cities. From there I was led to names of those in the Sustainable Communities program at the University of California, related jobs and events, as well as articles. Very neat!

Greenopolis is a Web 2.0 site helping ordinary folks recycle more easily, track conservation and reward those working towards a cleaner planet. By using a combination of their web network and kiosks, Greenopolis maximizes real-time services and updates, using blogs, video/photo uploads, podcasts, social networks, and infographics. Greenopolis uses branded imagery to help users track their recycling actions and receive rewards. You can find a kiosk at many Whole Foods Markets. Social recycling is in in 2012.

by Jessi Stafford 

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