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Felder Rushing’s Website

Felder Rushing’s Website

I am a Southern gardener with way too much book learning and travel experiences to suit my laid-back style, so when I am not on the road lecturing, I’m knocking around the celebrated garden surrounding my little backyard cabin in Mississippi with my brown dog named Rusty, or living part of the year on a cottage farm in rural Shropshire (in the western midlands of England). So I work hard at relaxing and having as much fun as possible - with as little effort as practical.

When it comes to the "left brain" of horticulture science, I have my bases covered (see the Biostuff link). Plus, I had renowned landscape architect Rick Griffin guide me through developing my garden spaces, and progressive architect Jeff Seabold design large "green" construction projects, so I can enjoy my efforts year-round without a lot of huffing and puffing and off-site resources. It’s an overstuffed cottage garden with plants both common and rare, and plenty of, er, "accessories."

But when it comes to the "right brain" of just having a fun, pretty, and productive garden - with as little effort as possible - I am a charter member of the scattered tribe called "dirt gardeners" who plant what we like, where we like, and for whatever reason we like. Because we are opinionated REAL gardeners, some folks like us and our approach, others do not. (SHRUG)

Take a few minutes to browse around. E-mail me if you have some comments (keep ’em clean). Here’s hoping you have fun in your own "guarded area" - your garden.


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