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 Clean Water » Fracking chemicals: We have a right to know

Fracking chemicals: We have a right to know

Fracking chemicals:  We have a right to know

The process of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) to drill for natural gas is expanding exponentially in many states. Reports of accidents and contamination of water are on the rise. But the “Dirty Water Caucus” is still hard at work. The FRAC Act (Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act) that would protect our drinking water and public health from the risks of natural gas drilling is still stalled in both the House and the Senate.

Fight the Dirty Water Caucus and ask your Elected Officials to pass the FRAC Act!

The FRAC Act (HR 1084/S 587) would:

Require the gas industry to publicly tell us what chemicals they use in “fracking”
Make “fracking” regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act like almost all other processes that put dangerous chemicals into or near our groundwater
Allows doctors to find out about “fracking” chemicals in case of an emergency
Your elected officials hear every day from the “Dirty Water Caucus” who wants to make sure that they can continue to “frack” without any regulations. Clean water is essential for our health and for our economy. Write your Congressional Representatives and your Senators in Washington. Tell them to pass the FRAC Act (HR 1084/S 587) and protect our water for our children. Your voice DOES make a difference


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