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 Recycling » Ashmore? Ashcraft? Both key leaders in recycling.

Ashmore? Ashcraft? Both key leaders in recycling.

Ashmore? Ashcraft?  Both key leaders in recycling.Ashmore? Ashcraft? Similar names of two unrelated individuals, but both are key leaders in implementing the new community-wide recycling program for New Albany and Union County.
Jean Ashcraft, a long-time proponent of recycling and founder of SpeakgreenMS.org, was looking for a coordinator to develop the recycling program in the city and county public schools. One name kept coming up:
“Everyone agreed Jennie Lane Ashmore would be the ideal person to build the vital role the public schools must play in recycling,” said Ashcraft. “She has been so successful for many years in leading other good work in the community that she was the obvious best choice to work with teachers and school administrators to make recycling a success.”
Ashmore, a New Albany native, was the first chairperson of Relay for Life when that program was launched in Union County in 1999. She is still a leader in that cancer fighting program and has chaired or served as co-chairperson for 10 of the years since it began in Union County.
In the fourth year of Union County’s Relay for Life, Dr. Chuck Garrett, New Albany Superintendent of Education, asked Ashmore to take on the additional task of building a Relay for Life team for the school system. She succeeded at that as well. Ashmore, an Ole Miss graduate, was a career teacher in the New Albany Public Schools until her recent retirement.
Regarding her role in the new community-wide recycling campaign, Ashmore said, “The teachers are really excited about getting something started for recycling in the public schools.”
Ashmore conducted a recycling workshop for teachers last week at the New Albany Civic Center’s Magnolia Room. “The teachers for the gifted classes in the county schools are working to pull together teams of gifted students to work on recycling,” said Ashmore. “Teachers in the city schools are working to create an effective recycling program in the city system.”
The recycling program is a partnership of New Albany city government, the public schools, employees of the Walmart Distribution Center and the New Haven Center for Special Needs Adults. New Haven will operate a processing center for recycled materials and expects to develop from it a significant income stream to support the work of the center.
The first phase of the recycling campaign will concentrate on recycling aluminum and plastic beverage containers. Cardboard, newspapers, steel cans, and a wider range of plastic items are expected to be added to the recycling effort later this year.Share

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