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 Food and Farms » Pontotoc County family operates a fruit orchard

Pontotoc County family operates a fruit orchard

Pontotoc County family operates a fruit orchardPONTOTOC, Miss. (WTVA) — It’s all in the family for one Pontotoc County Couple. Wiley and Amanda Stark are pursuing their dream to operate a fruit orchard.

They feel like they’re the best kept secret in town.

It’s all in a day’s work for the Stark family—picking peaches.

Only, it’s doubtful these young ones see this as work at all.

To them, it’s an adventure.

"Our children love being out in the orchard and they love learning about growing things and that, I think, is something that we’re losing," Amanda Stark said.

The Starks bought the farm which was previously operated by another family member.

Now, they have ambitious plans to make it even bigger.

They have planted 22-hundred additional trees including peach, plum, nectarine, and cherry.

The Starks say their love for fruit farming is something they want to share with others—especially children.

"They need to grasp what it’s like to come out here to Mother Nature and experience the joy of looking at the fruit, tasting the fruit-just being outside. That’s something most of us have forgotten," Wiley Stark said.

"We hope that maybe our children will learn and if we open it up to where families can come, they could also learn and maybe take some of that passion with them," Stark added.

Wiley says their experience alone has made a difference already.

"As a family, we’ve grown closer together. My little boy comes out here every day and just runs and plays like a wild horse. He enjoys it," Stark said.

Enjoying it today are visitors from Oklahoma.

"Phoenix, the one whose running around right now has never seen things grow. He’s from the city. He’s never seen it so, seeing the peaches, the grapes, and all the things coming in, he’s had a wonderful time," Phyllis Harris said.

"I enjoy coming here and watching the people enjoy what a peach is supposed to taste like. It’s full of flavor and what we strive for is to have that perfect peach," Stark said.


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