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 Green Articles » Chicken tractor draws crowd

Chicken tractor draws crowd

Chicken tractor draws crowdTUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) --Ever hear of a chicken tractor?

Itís actually a new addition to a Tupelo City Park on Spring Street.
This time next year, chickens will make the tractor their new home.
The structure is designed to serve as a home to chickens and at the same time be used as a learning tool for children.
The structure can be moved to allow chickens to walk in grass within the wire fencing.
What they leave behind is excellent fertilizer!
The recent debut of the chicks drew a large crowd.
"Huge response. I had no idea there was that much interest. There is substantial interest in sustainable gardening practices more and more in the news," Tupelo Environmental Planner Sherrie Cochran said.
The mature chickens will be housed at the park permanently next summer.
If you would like to build a Chicken Tractor, the plans are available on the third floor of the Tupelo City Hall.

The number to call is 841-6510.

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