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 Yard and Garden » Historic North side Neighborhood’s Community Garden

Historic North side Neighborhood’s Community Garden

Historic North side Neighborhood’s Community Garden
Northside Garden
By Angie Barmer

Residents that live in the Historic North side Neighborhood District may have noticed a splash of color added to their neighborhood at the corner of Cleveland and Madison Streets. This color represents the newly planted flowers and the community garden that is located at this intersection.
Members in the community and members from the Historic North side Neighborhood Association (HNNA) got together and decided that a community garden would promote good stewardship in the community for young adults and help others with healthy growing practices.
Jean Ashcraft with HNNA, said, “The biggest beauty for me is the ownership that different people in the neighborhood are taking by offering their time and energy to make it grow and be fun!”
Ashcraft recently attended a healthy community workshop in Jackson in which she represented New Albany. She said, “It is very interesting and good to know there is an under lying movement going on to help re establish healthier thinking, eating and doing across the nation.  Of course, obesity is the number one topic and how we can get our kids and community outside, eating and thinking healthier life practices.”
The neighborhood is filled with unique houses, the Union County Heritage Museum, one of the New Albany Fire Department stations, New Haven Center for Special Needs Adults, the New Albany campus for Northeast Mississippi Community College, and the future free medical clinic.
HNNA provides activities for residents throughout the year that include the Home and Garden Tour and other events to keep residents in the neighborhood active. 
The association also gives out a scholarship each year to a deserving high school student. Next year’s scholarship is being revamped to encourage good community stewardship starting with young students and working up through savings bonds till the time they graduate.
Various people in the community volunteer their time with the upkeep of the garden. For example, Charles Buster mows the garden, Jack Mason and Joey Lendsey volunteer to weed eat it, Ray Bufkin planted the flowers on the corner and built an 8-foot bench and moved cross-ties, Richard and his wife and Tom  and Veronica Wiseman donated the use of the corner to allow all this to happen, Mayor Tim Kent provides the water and the cross ties, David Rainy moved the initial cross-ties, and the Union County Sheriff’s Department trustees helped move the dirt.  
The Historic North side Neighborhood Community Garden is located at the corner of Cleveland and Madison streets.


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