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So You Want to Do More?

So You Want to Do More?Not Content with just getting by?  Go hardcore.

1. Take the 2 Mile Challenge! That means if your destination is equal to or less than 2 miles away, you leave the car in park and make it a walking trip. All summer, no exceptions, and youíre guaranteed to lose weight while cutting down on pollution, your gas bill, and the climate crisis all at the same time. Itís a toughie, but thatís why they call it a challenge!

2. Shut down the AC altogether, and open the window or turn on a fan. ACs definitely suck up energy, ultimately leaving the planet a warmer place when the day is done. Other alternatives include stringing a hammock in the shade or just plain finding ways to work your schedule around the hottest part of the day. Have to make a dreaded trip to the grocery store? How about doing it during mid-afternoon when their AC is pumping anyway so you can give yours a nice, planet-cooling, cash-saving break?

3. How about "installing" a grass chair. Once itís grown you wonít be able to move it considering the 240 liters of soil it needs, but youíll certainly be able to say that youíre the proud owner of the greenest chair on the block!

4. Build your own solar oven. That way you can turn off the conventional one and the gas grill as well, cooling the planet while amazing your neighbors at the same time.

5. Pick up a Pot de Feur (Pot of Fire), itís a handy grill-to-go made of recycled propane tanks. Theyíre a great way to fashionably promote recycling!

6. Try living on The 100 Mile Diet. The first ones to try it awhile back had a rough time during winter, but the availability of local farmers markets and backyard gardens in summer should make it a much easier proposition during this time of year.

7. How about using an evaporative or swamp cooler to cool off?

8. Take some time to turn that old propane tank into art, and keep it out of the landfill when itís time to get a new one. In the meantime check out what artist Shirra Wall is doing, and see if it inspires you to tackle the challenge.

9. Cool your house with snow! Admittedly, youíll first need to gather a room filled with the white stuff thatís roughly equivalent to the one you want to cool down, but it certainly sounds like a fun, wacky way to cool off! A slightly more attainable form of frozen cooling is the Ice Bear.

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