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 Food and Farms » True Vine Farms--Fresh Produce and Eggs

True Vine Farms--Fresh Produce and Eggs

True Vine Farms--Fresh Produce and EggsTrue Vine Farms is a small family farm located in Byhalia, Mississippi, 30 miles southeast of Memphis Tennessee. True Vine is owned and operated by the Frank Hart Family.

After 10 years in the automotive industry and decades of purchasing for his family supermarket produce known to be often chemically-treated, Frank realized that it was time to be part of the solution rather than remaining trapped in the problem.

Recognizing the hectic lifestyle that so many of our families experience today, Frank embraced the ideals of making easily available to us sustainable organic-farmed produce. Frank came home to plant True Vine Farms.

Everyone in the family has a very important roll to play in the Farms. Frank, as head farmer, has an impressive supporting cast: wife Lisa is responsible for organizing multiple Farmers Market operations, teenage daughter Charlotte is computer tech support (and quite often recipe researcher). 11 year old Beau is responsible for all the animals as well as being Frank’s right hand man. And John Douglas, at the ripe old age of 2, keeps an eye on it all.Share

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