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 Recycling » New Albany Recycling Committee February meeting

New Albany Recycling Committee February meeting

The City of New Albany Recycling committee met January 18, 2011 at the Civic Center at 6:30 p.m.

The following were present: Daniel Frain, New Albany High School representative Morgan Frain, Micheal Canerdy, Dan Skinner, Scott Dunnam, Phil Morris, Jean Ashcraft.

Dan Frain presented statistics on New Albany garbage collection.

Micheal Canerdy presented information to the group on grant options for recycling assistance, as discussed at the previous meeting. No funding was currently available from EPA, USDA, grants.gov, or Three Rivers Planning and Development District. The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality currently has a recycling bin grant program available.

Dan Frain committed to apply for recycling bins for the City of New Albany through the MDEQ recycling bin grant program. Places mentioned for the bins include City Hall, Courthouse, NAPD Station, LGW building and NAFD Stations.

Other locations mentioned for future containers (if enough are awarded in the grant) were the Rails to Trails trailhead, City and County Schools and New Albany Sportsplex.

The committee agreed to recycle plastic bottles and paper at these locations. Each building will appoint someone to monitor the bins and City employees will haul them to the recycling trailer behind the fire station when full. The committee agreed that these need to be policed closely so they donít become an eyesore/garbage receptacle.

After some discussion, the committee agreed to move forward on drop-off recycling only, due to the difficulties and high costs associated with curbside recycling.

Jean Ashcraft presented many options on recycling and community involvement to the committee.

Micheal Canerdy presented some details on the Enerkem project at Three Rivers Landfill in Pontotoc County. If this project is constructed and operates, recyclable materials in our household garbage will be segregated and recycled in a sorting facility to be constructed at the landfill, with no action required from the homeowner. This project is currently expected to break ground in 2011, pending results of two waste-characterization studies scheduled for 2011. TRPDD personnel stated that many communities in the area (Amory was cited as an example) are putting their own municipal recycling plans on hold until a final decision is reached on this project.

The group also discussed other citizens/groups to reach out to as they move forward. Some of these include NA Board of Aldermen, Dr. Charles Garrett and NA School Board, Union County School Board and Union County Board of Supervisors.

The meeting was adjourned around 8 p.m.

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