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 Climate Change » Ignoring Public Opinion, House Votes To Cut Climate Programs

Ignoring Public Opinion, House Votes To Cut Climate Programs

By Josh Nelson, Director of Online Communications and New Media

Yesterday, Christina cited a Pew poll showing that 72% of Americans oppose decreasing spending on environmental protection. But the House of Representatives voted over the weekend on a funding proposal that included drastic cuts to environmental protection and climate change science. The proposal would even block federal limits on the greenhouse gas pollution that is warming our climate, Unfortunately, the House passed this bill early Saturday morning.

As Climate Protection Action Fund CEO Maggie L. Fox wrote in an email to our members yesterday, the House vote is ďan attack on climate and climate science programs.Ē This is simply unacceptable ó and itís the opposite of what voters want.

As David Roberts notes at Grist, yet another poll released last week showed wide public support for the programs the House wants to cut. The poll by the American Lung Association found that 77% of respondents ó including a majority of Republicans, Democrats and Independents ó favor stricter limits on greenhouse gas pollution. The public is essentially telling Congress to leave our pollution controls alone, but it isnít clear that Congress is listening.

Yet another new poll, released last Wednesday by Harris Interactive, found that the American public overwhelmingly opposes cuts to pollution control programs. The poll found that Americans oppose cutting these programs by a margin of 54%-37%.

The public opinion is clear: Americans are consistently opposed to cutting programs that reduce pollution, protect our environment and help solve the climate crisis. As the impacts of climate change grow more visible across the globe, we need more funding ó not less ó for pollution controls and climate change research.

Fortunately, this House bill isnít a law yet ó in the next few weeks, it will go to the Senate and then it will be up for the Presidentís signature. Letís hope our leaders come to their senses and support our vital programs to deal with climate change.

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