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How To Green Your Pet

A green pet is a happy pet

1. Always clean up your dogs poop. In your yard I suggest using a shovel to scoop it up then place in an out of the way area of your yard where it can decompose. Porper waste control is one of hte easiest ways to haev a green pet.

2. If you are out walking your dog always carry biodegradable bags to collect their poop. You should never leave their waste in a neighborís yard or at the park.

3. Feed your pets organic all natural pet foods. You might have to go to a pet supply store to find them. If you are really lucky you may find someone selling it homemade at your local farmers market.

4. When you buy toys for your pet make sure you get eco-friendly ones. And try not to go nuts buying your pet stuff. You pet loves you and would have as much fun cuddling in your lap or playing fetch with you than it would with expensive flashy items they just donít need.

5. After brushing your pet put the hair outside instead of in the trash. Birds will use animal hair when they are building their nest.

6. Buy all natural pet shampoos for your pets.

7. Rub baking soda into your petís fur then brush it out to dry wash your pet. Baking soda is non-toxic and will remove that dirty pet smell from your pet. This is great for cats since most of them do not like water, but it works for dogs as well.

8. If your pet has an accident in the house do not use harsh chemical to clean it up, instead clean it with a solution of vinegar and lemon juice. After it dries you can always sprinkle a little baking soda on the spot then vacuum it up later.

9. You can compost you pets waste. But never add it to you normal compost pile that you use for edible plants. Pick a small out of the way spot in your yard to compost your pets waste at. I have heard some people say they collect and flush their dogs waste down the toilet. I have never done this myself though.

eco cleaning products

10.Use organic cat litter for your cats. There are several out on the market which are made from corn. They work just as well as regular cat litters on the market. They have a corn smell to them, but I never liked the way other cat litters smelled anyway so it does not bother me. By using this type of cat litter you can then put it into your pet waste compost pile that was mentioned in #9.

11. Get green pet, eco-friendly collar and leashes. Almost everything you could think of for your pet comes in an eco-friendly variety; you just have to look for them.

12. Spay and neuter can help you have a green pet. There are thousands of neglected animals in the world and by spaying and neutering your pet you can make sure you are helping to fix the problem.

13. Next time you are looking for a new pet to bring home try your local animal shelter. There are lots of wonderful pets there who are in need of good homes.

14. Think before you buy your pet items like raincoats, sweaters, hats, etc. I know there are some breeds that need protection from the elements when you live in certain places, but does your pet really need matching booties, hair clips, or hats to go with it? If you must buy these products then buy eco-friendly version so you can have a green pet.

15. Always keep your green pet on a leash when walking it, this can help protect native wildlife in your area. It also allows you to know when and where your dog goes to the bathroom so you can clean it up in a biodegradable baggies.

16. Keep your cats in the house. Cats that are outside can get into all sorts of things. Cats kill a lot of natural wildlife such as birds, frogs, and squirrels When your cat is inside you know what it is eating, where it potties, what it is getting into.

17. Make sure your pets has an ID tag. You can buy pet tags from most pet supply stores, even better get your pet a microchip ID at your vet.

18. Grow your own organic catnip for your cats. Growing herbs can be fun and easy and your cat will love you forever.

19. When your pet gets fleas and ticks treat them with eco-friendly, non-toxic, flea controls. There are several brands out on the market.

20. If you really want to take control of what your pet is eating you could always start making your own homemade green pet food. All pets are different so it is important that you research the nutritional needs for the type of pet you have first though.


These are a few really great ways you can green your pet. When it comes to lowering the impact your pet has on the planet the only thing that limits you is your own imagination. Just like with people and going green, there are always new ways to green your pet. Be creative in your green efforts and together we can all save this wonderful planet we call home. You to can have a green pet.

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